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Hugh O'Reilly


Name: Hugh O'Reilly

Campaign slogan: none

Age: 47

Occupation: Businessman.

Volunteerism:1) FCM/NRC The National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure —member.

2) Friends of Whistler USA -a nonprofit society in Washington State which allows U.S. citizens to donate to projects in Whistler and retain a tax receipt.

3) Fundraising committee for Library-Museum Capital Campaign.

Skier, golfer, skate skier.

Other hobbies: Travelling, reading, watching movies.

Web site:

Last book read: Dave Pelz's - The Short Game Bible

Why are you running for Mayor again?

I haven’t finished what I set out to do. When I first came on board I felt it was really important to sink some deep roots and be prepared to weather economic changes and storms. That is what really lies behind the Whistler 2002 Vision document, the Olympics and the sustainability plan. Those are really the key initiatives that have emerged that I have wanted to participate in, because if those are done well and successfully they will allow Whistler to continue to have the kind of success it has had in the past. Whistler is in mid stride, and faces some key initiatives right now, and the community needs continuity to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved. I want to use my experience and the insight I have gained over the last 14 years in local government to get the best out of these opportunities.

It takes a long time to put all that together, and my understanding of how things go together and the relationship-building that we are doing is a key to success.

What are the major accomplishments and failures of council since the last election?

In typical Whistler fashion I don’t know that we take enough time to really appreciate all the things that we do get done. There has just been so many things accomplished: The Housing Authority got some more projects completed, there is a new community school going up in Spring Creek, the transportation advisory recommendations have been implemented, we have created the Community Foundation of Whistler, the library has become a municipal building, we have even set up a sister-city relationship with one of the resorts in Japan.

We are working on a comprehensive sponsorship program that really looks at opportunities for the resort… Over the last 10 years the only real player has been the mountains and Tourism Whistler. We would like to get involved in sponsorship and we believe that we have assets that have value and so we are pursuing that. We believe the community should be benefiting, not just the private sector.

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