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How do you know when he/she is the one?

"Every minute together doesn't seem long enough, the adventures you share just keep getting better and you love to share everything with each other because you are each other’s best friend forever.


When he surprises me with a home-made picnic dinner, near a waterfront, on a beautiful sunny day, just because he loves me is so romantic, thoughtful and an everlasting memory that I can never forget how special those moments are. There is just no one else you could ever imagine being with for the rest of your life than him."

— Chantel Jackson, Whistler

"After 20 years, two fabulous kids , three businesses, two beautiful countries, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, and he is still as hot as he was when he was 16 years old."

— Wendi Gabelhouse, Whistler

"When she holds my hand, finishes my thoughts and fills my dreams!"

— Paul Vacirca, Pemberton

"When you think about the best moments of your life and you realize they were all shared with your loved one."

— Marie-Eve Langlois, Whistler

"He’s the one when you would sacrifice everything to ensure his happiness… When no matter how much it rains you see only rainbows when you think of him…"

— Joanne Fricker, Whistler

"When you stop looking at other girls with lusty thoughts and just go home to the one you love."

— Drew Atchinson, Whistler

"The question cannot be answered by words. The answer will come from your heart. And when this answer comes, you will know and agree that words do not come close to expressing the answer you now hold in your heart."

— Sherri Dales, Whistler

"When the yearning you have felt for so long to find your one true love is gone, and your restless heart is finally at ease. You will know that you have found the one."

— Travis Courtney, Pemberton

"When you would change your world in a heart beat without any doubts or regrets… just to be with them."

— Alicia Johnson, Whistler

"When you feel like there is no one else in the world who can make you happier. They make you a better version of yourself and inspire you to do great things and do great things for them."

— Kelly Vanderboom, Whistler

My Love Is

It’s the attentive yet yearning sparkle in his eye,

The hard to say, long, soft kiss goodbye.

It’s the way he gently wipes my tears,

His thoughtful words that erase my fears.

It’s wanting him always there beside me,

To nourish, comfort, care and guide me.

It’s finally finding a true best friend,

To share every moment until the very end.

— Jennifer Lintner, Whistler

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