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How bad are those bananas, anyway?

A look at the carbon you're eating, and more



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Before you rush off to borrow Bananas from the library and learn more, here are a few easy tips from Mike that will keep your food carbon footprint low as you go:

1. Eat what you buy, or: love food, hate waste. In the Canada and U.S. 40 per cent of the food we produce is wasted. End users waste one quarter of all food, as in that moldy lemon in your fridge.

2. Reduce meat and dairy, particularly beef and lamb. If you must eat meat go chicken first and pork second.

3. Eat seasonal. Make that globally seasonal. Wherever it was grown in the world it needs to be in season there.

4. Avoid air freight and hot housing.

5. Avoid ridiculously excessive packaging.

6. Take the misshapen, slightly blemished apple or tomato home and eat it (see No. 1.)

Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who tries to keep at least one foot out of the carbon.