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How and where to vote come Monday June 28

Election notes


Compiled by Adam Daff

Registering to vote

You only have to register if this is the first time you’ve voted in a Canadian federal election, or if you’ve moved to a new permanent address.

If you haven’t moved out of your riding since the 2000 federal election and you’ve voted before, then you don’t need to register, you just need to vote.

But if, for instance, you’ve moved to Whistler from Ontario since the last election and now live in Whistler permanently then you must provide proof of this move on Election Day.

The best kind of proof is a driver’s license with your current (Whistler) address on it, but Elections Canada will take any official document that has your name, address and signature on it.

An "official document" includes phone bills, some ski passes, credit card bills etc.

If you are a seasonal employee or on holidays and your permanent address is somewhere else in Canada, then you will need to go back to a polling station near your permanent address on election day and vote there because time has run out for advance voting.

You must be 18 to vote.

How and when to vote:

Present yourself to one of the electoral officers at your closest polling station on Monday June 28, tell them your name, grab a voting card and put a cross next to the candidate, or party, you think will do the best job in federal government.

All the polling stations in B.C. open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. and by law your employer must allow you time off work to vote.

For more information about voting check the Elections Canada Web site at or call them: in the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast riding at 1-866-202-6646; in the Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon riding call 1-866-499-8024.

Where to vote:

West Vancouver Sunshine Coast riding (residents in Whistler, Squamish and West Vancouver):

Whistler: Telus Conference Centre

Squamish: Brennan Park Recreation Centre, 1009 Centennial Way

West Vancouver: (there are several locations in West Van) West Vancouver Masonic Hall 1763 Bellvue Ave

Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon (residents in Pemberton, D’Arcy and Lillooet)

Pemberton: Pemberton Secondary School

Mount Currie: Mount Currie Community Hall

D’Arcy: N’Quatqua Community Hall

Lillooet: Lillooet recreation gym