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Affordable housing in Millar's Pond expected by winter The Whistler Valley Housing Society has a plan to build some affordable housing in time for next winter, but meeting the long-term housing requirements of the community is still going to be difficult. "The major problem with all this is land," WVHS director Craig MacKenzie told council Monday. MacKenzie presented the results of the Terra Housing study, which was designed to assess the housing stock requirements for permanent residents over the next five years, and to establish a working definition of "affordable." The study found a "pronounced and growing undersupply of housing, particularly family units, affordable to households with incomes in the under $50,000 range." The shortfall was broken down into size and price brackets year by year. While a long-term solution to the shortfall was not found, a strategy for building up to 90 units in Millar's Pond was discussed. The land, which has been designated for affordable housing since the Millar's Pond project started, has been turned over to the municipality. The housing society will spend approximately $300,000 on architectural, survey and design fees and present a project proposal to developers, who may then bid on the project. MacKenzie said the housing society is looking at a mixture of rental and purchased affordable housing for the site. He expects the chosen developer will come to the municipality with a proposal to make approximately 20 per cent of the project market housing, as was done with Eva Lake Village and other affordable housing projects in the past. The timetable for the project would see construction start by Sept. 1, with some units available in time for next winter. The Millar's Pond project is expected to be a $9-$10 million project, with no land cost.

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