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Housing Update


There has been no rash of accommodation coming onto the market after the millennium holiday period but things still seem to be easing up marginally on the housing front.

During the peak period leading up to Christmas the Whistler Housing Authority saw between 50 and 80 people lining up at their doors per day looking for accommodation. That number has now trickled down to about a dozen per day, said housing authority general manager Rick Staehli.

“It appears to be easing up slightly. We have a few more landlord listings and there are a few more ads in the papers. We also do not have that constant line-up at our door.”

Staehli said these factors would appear to indicate the situation is easing up but people could just as easily be bunking up or have become totally discouraged. He said, however, those looking for accommodation now seem to be pickier.

“They are saying they don’t want to bunk up with somebody or that they don’t want to travel to Pemberton.”

Staehli said one in three are telling him they are finding accommodation via word of mouth and not through advertisements or the housing authority. “So, there must be units out there.”

The authority and the mountains were hoping homes held back to cash in on millennium rentals would flood back onto the market in early January. “We got the impression from those who phoned in that owners had their units booked right thorough until the middle of January. Well, we are there now. Is this the end of it? We don’t know yet.”

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