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Home values continue to decline in corridor

Values decrease up to 15 per cent in Whistler, according to BC Assessment



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Closer to Whistler, Richmond's assessment roll was 16.5 per cent, Vancouver's 16.4 per cent and West Vancouver's just under 16 per cent.


Pemberton's overall assessment role increased from $490 million on July 1, 2010 to $497 million a year later, with $31 million of the 2011 total coming from new construction, the boundary expansion, subdivisions and rezoning.

The overall value of Pemberton properties decreased by 2.91 per cent on average. A single-family dwelling priced at $550,000 in 2010 was reassessed at $499,000, a difference of nine per cent. A three-bedroom townhome priced at $337,000 was reassessed at $316,000, a difference of six per cent.


In Squamish, residential assessments were down a modest 1.88 per cent on average in 2011, although home values fluctuated wildly. At one end of the spectrum, BC Assessment reported declines of 10 per cent, while some properties increased in value by five per cent.

The total assessment role for 2011 was reported at $3.81 billion, down from $3.92 billion the previous year. Of the new total, $82 million in new construction, subdivisions and rezoning helped offset the decline.

A downtown single family dwelling valued at $390,000 in 2010 was valued at $374,000 in 2011; a single family dwelling in Brackendale increased from $450,000 to $456,000; a single family dwelling in Garibaldi Highlands decreased from $531,000 to $497,000.