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"As long as Newfoundland exists we’ll have Newfoundland expatriates," says O’Brien. "The common denominator amongst all of them is, ‘I really enjoy being in Winnipeg,’ or ‘I really enjoy being in Barrhead, Alta., but God, I can’t wait to get home.’

"That’s something that just doesn’t change."

Transplanted Rock dwellers craving the sounds of home as well as fans of authentic Celtic music will want to catch the Irish Descendants at Maxx Fish this Tuesday night.

That’s March 16. It’s a St. Patrick’s Day eve, of sorts. But come on now, if Newfies can make St. Paddy’s Day last two weeks Whistlerites can sure as heck make it last two days.

For more information call 604-932-1904.


St. Patrick’s Day happenings around town

As the frontman for one of the most well known and successful Celtic bands in Canada, Con O’Brien says the worst thing about St. Patrick’s Day is that he always has to work.

Here are some of the other musicians in town who will be working so the rest of us can raise our pints to great tunes.

Who: The Bowen Trio

Where: Dubh Linn Gate Pub

As the only Irish themed Pub in town the Dubh Linn Gate will be St. Patrick’s Day headquarters. It’s guaranteed regular performers Cam Salay, Rob Thompson and Moritz Behm will be doing it up right with their standard high-energy guitar and fiddle tunes.

Who: Guitar Doug

Where: Merlin’s

The local legend will be strumming his signature guitar cover tunes for the après ski revellers at Merlin’s in the afternoon. It’s sure to be an epic set what with all the Irish folks among us celebrating the fact that they ski for free that day. That’s those of us with legitimate Irish passports for proof, so put down your family trees because insisting that somewhere way back in your lineage is a great great uncle Sheamus isn’t going to cut it.

Who: Doug & Kyla

Where: Black’s Pub

After his apres set up in the Benchlands, Guitar Doug makes his way down the hill to Black’s Pub where he’ll be joined by lovely folk punk violinist Kyla Uyede for a night of good time Celtic-flavoured favourites. Kyla may have learned how to play at classical music academies, but she fiddles on Devil Went Down to Georgia like a hillbilly demon.