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Hollering for Hoja


Who: Hoja

Where: My Place

When: Saturday, May 31

It’s incredible to think all the sounds coming from the four guys who make up the a capella boy band Hoja are created using only their voices. Each of the members sing a variety of different voice parts, including bass lines, lead vocals, tenor and baritone parts, vocal percussion, instrument sounds such as guitars and trumpets, and assorted sound effects.

Add to that great harmonies, energetic choreography, and a diverse repertoire presented in a uniquely entertaining performance style and you’re guaranteed a show that audiences of any age group will enjoy.

Their songs span every style of music, from doo-wop to rock, country to disco – nothing escapes the transition to a capella music. This transition is often quite humorous, and audiences find themselves enjoying styles of music they might not otherwise have ever listened to.

Catch them at MY Place next Saturday and read an interview with the band in next week’s Pique.

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