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Holler anchors B.C. Team at K2 nationals


Vancouver Matt Holler, who races with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club (WMSC), rounded out his performance at the Mars Canadian Juvenile alpine Ski Championships in Ontario last week with a gold medal in the final super G event. It was the 14-year-old’s second gold medal in four events.

Holler started the week with a fourth place finish in the slalom and followed it up with a gold medal in the giant slalom, and another fourth in the first of two super G events.

Holler did not compete in the final dual slalom, and as a result he finished a close third in the men’s overall rankings with 1,000 points. The overall title was shared by Philippe Belzile.-Crete and Simon Mannella of Quebec with 1,060 points apiece.

"I didn’t get up for the first super G, which I wasn’t focused for," said Holler. "I charged and went for it today. I knew it was going to be close with so much talent here, so I’m happy to be first."

The only other member of the B.C. Team to finish in the top-15 out of more than 75 racers was Nicholas Brush of Windermere.

Of Holler’s WMSC teammates, Conrad Pridy finished 17 th , James McLean 19 th , Rey Stanislas 30 th , and Jonathan Wells 41 st .

Pridy finished 13 th in the overall rankings. McLean was 34 th , Wells 39 th , and Stanislas 44th

In the women’s final rankings, it was a Quebec sweep with Caroline Brault dominating with 1,300 points to win the overall title, and Michele Belanger-Timothy and Marie-Gabrielle Larose finishing second and third with 785 and 750 points respectively.

From Whistler, the top skier was Katherine Cape, who finished 30 th overall. Jennifer Mah was 38 th , Shannon Smith 41 st , Julia Murray 51 st , and Alexandria Browne-McLean 64 th .

Team Quebec tallied the most points to take the juvenile title once again.

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Women’s Slalom

1. Kayla Leman, AB

2. Caroline Brault, QC

3. Jennifer Van Wagner, USA

23. Julia Murray, WMSC

28. Jennifer Mah, WMSC

33. Shannon Smith, WMSC

67. Alexandria Browne-McLean, WMSC

Men’s Slalom

1. Simon Mannella, QC

2. Jordan Chopp, USA

3. Tyler Nella, ON

4. Matthew Holler, WMSC

15. James McLean, WMSC

33. Rey Stanislas, WMSC

49. Jonathan Wells, WMSC

Women’s Giant Slalom

1. Caroline Brault, QC

2. Michel Belanger-Timothie, QC

3. Marie-Pier Prefontaine, QC

25. Jennifer Mah, WMSC

48. Shannon Smith, WMSC

63. Julia Murray, WMSC

Men’s Giant Slalom

1. Matthew Holler, WMSC

2. Phlippe Crete-Belzile, QC

3. Gabriel Blouin-Racine, QC

4. Conrad Pridy, WMSC

34. Jonathan Wells, WMSC

44. Rey Stanislas, WMSC

Women’s Super G #1

1. Lisa Yukiw, ON

2. Caroline Brault, QC

3. Marie-Gabrielle Larose, QC

11. Katherine Cape, WMSC

32. Shannon Smith, WMSC

36. Jennifer Mah, WMSC

38. Alexandria Browne-McLean

Men’s Super G #1

1. Philippe Crete-Belzile, QC

2. Simon Mannella, QC

3. Jordan Chopp, USA

4. Matthew Holler, WMSC

25. Jonathan Wells, WMSC

34. Rey Stanislas, WMSC

54. Conrad Pridy, WMSC

Women’s Super G #2

1. Kelly Singer, QC

2. Kate Ryley, ON

3. Kayla Leman, AB

12. Katherine Cape, WMSC

18. Julia Murray, WMSC

23. Jennifer Mah, WMSC

39. Shannon Smith, WMSC

Men’s Super G #2

1. Matthew Holler, WMSC

2. Simon Mannella, QC

3. Tyler Nella, ON

17. Conrad Pridy, WMSC

19. James McLean, WMSC

30. Rey Stanislas, WMSC

41. Jonathan Wells, WMSC

Women’s Dual Slalom

1. Marie-Pier Prefontaine, QC

2. Marie Michelle Gagnon, QC

3. Victoria Glowxzynska, BC

4. Stephanie Beauchesne, QC

16. Katherine Cape, WMSC

Men’s Dual Slalom

1. Philippe Crete-Belzile, QC

2. C. Porlier, QC

3. Simon Mannella, QC

4. Chris Scheele, ON

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