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Historical milestones for women in Canada



• 1883 The Canadian Women’s Suffrage Association is born.

• 1884 Widows and spinsters granted right to vote in Ontario municipal elections.

• 1885 Unmarried Alberta women who own property gain right to vote and hold office in school matters.

• 1912 Manitoba is the first province to grant women the right to vote and hold office.

• 1921 Agnes McPhail becomes the first woman to win a Parliamentary election.

• 1957 Prime Minister John Diefenbaker names Ellen Fairdough to the position of Secretary of State, which makes her the first woman appointed to cabinet.

• 1971 The federal government creates the Ministry Responsible for Women.

• 1989 Audrey McLaughlin becomes leader of the NDP, making her the first woman to lead a national party.

• 1993 Kim Campbell is sworn in as Canada’s first female prime minister.