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Highway heroes keep traffic moving

Plow drivers just want a little room to maneuver



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"This morning when it got compacted the traffic is what compacted the road, and made it slippery and made it hard to peel off, but then again it's also what helped work the material in, and edge it into the compacted snow," says Goochey. "It works hand in hand."

Having said that he notes that bad drivers who are impatient and don't drive safely can make the situation worse.

As we pull back into the Function Junction area I realize that I have been on my assignment for two hours. Time in Goochey's office passes by very quickly. We have done one northbound pass through D1, refuelled at Sabre's fuelling centre at Mons, cleared out the streets at Wedgemont, refilled the box with a load of salt at Rutherford and completed one southbound pass of D1.

Goochey drops me off at my truck. I climb back out with laptop, cameras and recorder thankful for the experience with a whole new appreciation for the people who do the best they can to keep us moving on Highway 99 even when snow is falling sideways, the temperature is well below zero and drivers with bald tires are passing plows on the right.