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High School Terry Fox Run raises $1,500

300 students participate



The Whistler Secondary Terry Fox Run took place this past Friday, Sept. 29, with over 300 students and staff running, skateboarding, inline skating and even riding scooters on a 3 km course.

The students raised pledges for cancer research, with classes competing against one another to see who could raise the most.

Top Fundraising Classes:

1. Mrs. Titus’s Desktop Publishing 11/12     $409.71

2. Ms. Pergau’s Math 12     $367.17

3. Ms. Sallow’s CAPP 8     $288

4. Ms. Norrie’s Art 8     $104.05

5. Mr. Walzl’s Physics 11     $59.80

Top Individual Fundraisers:

1. Tara Newell $300

2. Robbie & Livvy Murray $200

3. Remington Vernon-Jarvis $80

4. Chase Harley $50

5. Jan Wang $27

The top five boys to the finish were Ethan Fairley, Nick Spence, James McSkimming, Andrew Saitoh and Brett Kelly. The fastest females were Heidi Rey, Ms. Cowden, Marlin Beswetherick, Chantal Milan and Lauren Mooney.

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