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Construction on an expansion to Whistler Secondary could also start in 2001. The estimated $4.7 million addition would increase Whistler Secondary capacity from the current 363 to 550 students. The school board has presented its capital plan wish list to the ministry and expects to hear back in April next year. If approved, planning will start and the work will go out to tender with construction slated for the spring of 2001. Edwards said the Whistler Secondary expansion is the board’s number one capital priority. She said if the ministry approves any funding for school construction in the province, Whistler stands a good chance. "It is very, very clear the additions are needed and we are still one of the school districts that is growing, and growing very quickly. There is not a lot of growth in other school districts." However, she said there is a possibility of a provincial capital construction freeze. "I am hearing now they are putting freezes on construction but I haven’t seen anything in writing." According to the district’s five-year capital plan, by 2001 Whistler students will remain in one of the two elementary schools until Grade 7, instead of starting at Whistler Secondary in Grade 7 as they do now. There are also plans for a second addition to Whistler Secondary to bring capacity from 550 to 700 starting in 2005. As well, $1,113,768 has been allotted for a new classroom wing at Myrtle Philip for 2001/2002.

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