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He’s Krafty



Superfunky breaks-master to throw down at Soul Kitchen

Who: Krafty Kuts

Where: Tommy Africa’s

When: Sunday, April 11

U.K. DJ/producer Martin Reeves, a.k.a. Krafty Kuts is the force behind some of the funkiest breaks to ever shake a room.

A Whistler favourite, he’s back this Sunday night throwing down at a superfunky Soul Kitchen.

He’s Krafty, but The Pique still managed to catch up with the spinmaster for a chat.

Pique Newsmagazine : Listening to your tracks is almost like being inside a blaxsploitation movie. How’d you get so funky?

Krafty Kuts: When I first started buying records the first type of music I got into was ’70s funk. I got really into it and became a collector of rare beats. I scoured second hand shops and record fairs for the funkiest beats and I still do that now.

Pique: Where are you taking things? What are you working on now and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

KK: The music I'm working on at the moment is varied. I'm doing a remix for Pure Phunk Recordings – D-Monics' label out of Toronto. This is quite a techy tearout breakbeat stormer. I’m also working on a breaks LP for Against The Grain (my label), and later on this year maybe a compilation. I’ll then start work on the next A Skillz and KK installment early next year.

Pique : If you could design some dream collaboration projects what would they be?

KK: Dream collaboration would be Busta Rhymes or Redman on vocals and have Pharrell Williams engineering on a breakbeat tip.

Pique: What are the last five artists you played in your spare time?

KK: Blackgrass Album, Beatz and Bobz vol. 2 – mixed by Will White from the Propellerheads, New Pendulum material, Jurassic Five’s new 12", Red Hot Chilli Peppers greatest hits album.

Pique: If you had to sum up your life in music with one word, what would it be?

KK: Rollercoaster.

Pique: Tell me something that will make me smile...

KK: Hearing some seriously funky beats and ramshackling some enormous basslines out of the system as I tear through some of the most ridiculous turnage you'll ever hear. That should make you smile....

Pique: ...me along with every breaks fan in town.

Catch Mr. Kuts at the Soul Kitchen tables this Sunday evening. Doors are at 9:30 p.m. Expect a $10 cover charge.

Tommy’s makes their superstar DJ weekend a double header with jet-setting New York house music DJ Roger Sanchez in the house on Saturday night. Sanchez will play a four-hour set as part of his ongoing Release Yourself world tour.

Tickets for the Sanchez show are available at the door: $20 for the first 50 guests, $25 afterwards, with a discounted $15 cover for after-midnight latecomers.

For information go to www.tommyafricas.com.