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Help for lonely hearts

Local launches website devoted to dating education



It’s the single person’s least favourite time of year again – Valentine’s Day.

If you’re one of the many cupid-haters who curses every time you pass by plush toys and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates lining the shelves of stores, but secretly wishes you had a special someone, you may want to consider a few lessons in love.

A local entrepreneur has developed a new website to provide just that. Neal Talbot is president and founder of Attraction All-Star Enterprises, and recently launched a new website, All Star Dating Tips ( to help people of any age and at any stage of the dating game.

“The goal I had when I set out to do this was just to help millions of men and women have happier, healthier dating lives,” said Talbot. “The reason I got into doing this site, and into the dating industry, was the fact that I had no idea what I was doing probably four years ago.”

A journalist by trade, Talbot came back from an assignment in Africa with a critical and mysterious illness.

“I was down to about 130 pounds from about 180, ghostly pale, had lost some of my vision so I had to wear glasses. I just looked awful, and I was afraid that when I got back into the dating world that I would do just awfully,” he said.

Once he recovered from his near-death experience he turned to the web for dating advice, but found most of the material wasn’t very helpful.

“They teach you how to go after the one night stands instead of actually how to develop lasting connections with the opposite sex,” he said.

Instead, Talbot’s free website focuses on educating people about dating, and making the entire experience less intimidating.

“Dating can be absolutely terrifying, horrifying when you don’t know what you’re doing because you do have to make yourself vulnerable to a large extent in dating, with someone you don’t know, and that especially today seems to be really difficult for the majority of men and women,” Talbot said.

Even before becoming ill, Talbot found dating was a hit or miss experience – he never really had a plan for a date, and after talking to others while doing research for his site he discovered many had the same approach.

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