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helmet bylaw

Whistler may get its own helmet bylaw, making it mandatory for cyclists and in-line skaters to wear a helmet when riding or blading on municipal trails. A letter to council from Whistler Health Care Society Chair Paul Burrows, WHCC Acting Chief of Staff Dr. Andrew Hamson and Sports and Injury Prevention Co-ordinator Richard Wyne urges the municipality to pass such a bylaw. The letter also emphasizes that companies renting bikes and in-line skates should ensure helmets are included in rentals. Municipal staff was instructed to prepare a helmet bylaw, although acting administrator Bill Barratt admitted it will be difficult to enforce. "It’s like the dog bylaw," Barratt said. He also noted that the provincial helmet law does not apply to in-line skaters, but there seems to be more out-of-control skaters than cyclists. The provincial helmet law came into effect Tuesday, requiring all cyclists on provincial roads and highways to wear a helmet. The penalty for a first time offence is $25, although police say they are only issuing warning tickets for the time being. Councillor Dave Kirk, who is involved in the bike and in-line skate rental business, said virtually every bike rental outlet in Whistler includes a helmet with the price of a bike rental.

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