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heli horses

By Carin Aiff If a six-hour horseback ride into the wilderness gives you nothing but blisters, maybe a return trip by helicopter will give you the missing kick. In July Bob Menzel and Lisa Hunt of Adventures on Horseback in Pemberton will launch another, very new experience: heli-horseback riding. "For some people, more than five or six hours on a horse is just too much," says Menzel, grinning under his dusty, well-worn hat. But they might still want to go into the real wilderness. So instead of having to ride back on a horse they can get a ride with Pemberton Helicopters. Horses and riders start out at Menzel's stables. Once they reach the camp they can put up tents for a night or two and fish, hike or just rest their posteriors, away from the leather of a saddle. Sushi and champagne or kidney beans and beer — whatever clients order will be waiting at the campsite, delivered by helicopter. Later, the group that flew in on the helicopter will take over the saddles and hit the trail back home. Those with sore bums will enjoy the padded seats of the helicopter on their way back to Pemberton. Menzel, who has taken people of all shapes and sizes on trail rides for the past nine years, says: "A lot of people who want to go for long trips on horseback don't think they can do it. "Also, tourists are asking for something different now. This way anybody can get out to the beautiful remote spots without worrying if they'll make it back." "And someone who's never been in a helicopter has the opportunity to try it," adds Hunt. Menzel says heli-horseback riding is for everyone who likes mountains, horses, singing by the campfire beside Tenquille Lake — and doesn't mind a blister here or there.

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