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The Hard Rock Cafe is getting ready to host an afternoon costume party. By Amy Fendley The Hard Rock’s Halloween Lunch will offer kids of all ages a lunch for $5.99, as well as featuring spooky drinks. There will be door prizes, balloons and candy, and costumed participants can also enter to win prizes in a colouring contest. This is the first year the Hard Rock Cafe has done anything like this and Ange Constable, Hard Rock Cafe organizer and promotions manager, says it’s good to get involved with the kids. "It’s good to get all wrapped up in the kids’ side of things and to get dressed up," said Constable. "It’s moms who are doing most of the transportation co-ordination for this kid’s day, but we’re working on organizing the transportation for next year." The lunch begins at noon, and runs until 4 p.m., as a prelude to the Hard Rock Cafe sponsored Tapley’s Farm Trick or Treat. The trick or treating will finish with a fireworks finale at 7:30 p.m. at Myrtle Philip School. The $3,000 fireworks display has been financed by Nesters Market, as in previous years, and the Whistler Fire Department is volunteering to make sure the display is safe and successful. "We are hoping for clear skies and are out to get a lot of oohs and ahhs," said Keith Mellor, Whistler firefighter and chairman of the fireworks committee. "We have a fabulous sponsorship from Nesters. It’s a big bill to foot and it’s nice to have the fund-raising taken care of. We’re happy to do it." The fire department volunteers work late cleaning up after the fireworks so that students the next day do not find little pieces of shrapnel lying around. Because Halloween is on a Saturday night this year, Mellor says they are expecting a turnout of about 1,000 kids, plus parents. Tapley’s Farm residents are expecting about 700 treat or treaters and ask that all candy donations be made to Myrtle Philip school, Dandelion Daycare or 6408 Easy Street, home of organizer Lori Laidlaw. "Please be generous with your donations," said Laidlaw. "Because 700 kids to 100 houses is 70,000 pieces of candy and we’re expecting some weekenders. If your child is trick or treating, please donate the amount your child will bring home." The candy will be distributed to the Tapley’s Farm houses in a sweep on Friday morning.

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