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Tribute band plays the Shack for Canada Day

Who: Totally Hip

Where: The Shack

When: July 1, 9 p.m.

Canadians are still nuts about the Hip.

The Tragically Hip, that is, who are on a summer tour promoting their new CD In Violet Light .

Obviously a good sign.

While the Tragically Hip are on the road a new cover band, the Totally Hip, perform their songs to ring in Canada Day at the Shack.

The Totally Hip are set to perform a rendition of It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken, the new single from In Violet Light.

In an interview about their new album, Tragically Hip lead singer Gordon Downie says the song "refers to life on the road, or the life of the road."

The Totally Hip haven’t been on the road that much, but their Whistler show may be a precursor to a summer tour. The cover band has been rehearsing three nights a week for the last year.

The Totally Hip includes Tom Zillich on bass, whose day job is music editor of The Westender newspaper, singer Michael Heagle, drummer Patrick Sharp, lead guitarist Colin Heagle, and rhythm guitarist Christian Fiset.

Zillich has seen the Tragically Hip in concert 15 times, including a show at the Railway Club in Vancouver in 1997. He says the Totally Hip will play a mix of old and new tunes.

Colin and Mike Heagle, brothers who moved here from Ontario, played in a few different outfits before settling on the Hip as an ideal band to cover.

"The simplicity of the band appeals, and they’ve got really good lyrics," says Colin Heagle.

The Totally Hip are working on the Tragically Hip’s extensive song list, from faster rock and roll to the sweet ballads like Wheat Kings; from the wanting of Everytime You Go, to the classic late night ode, Another Midnight (Little Bones).

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