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Halloween fireworks at Myrtle Philip school


Whistler firefighters have teamed up with Nesters Market and the merchants at Nesters Square to provide fireworks again this Halloween.

Following the evening’s trick or treating in Tapley’s Farm, people are invited to watch the firefighters set off fireworks at 7:30 p.m. at Myrtle Philip school.

Fireworks will be visible from Tapley’s Farm. The residential neighbourhood is closed to car traffic each Halloween to allow for safe trick or treating.

The B.C. SPCA reminds pet owners that Halloween fireworks and firecrackers can scare animals or cause them to panic.

"When dogs or cats are frightened they are more likely to dart into traffic or to escape from their homes and yards," says Lorie Chortyk, director of community relations for the B.C. SPCA. "Dogs can also act out of character at the sight of strangers in costumes coming to your door."

The B.C. SPCA recommends keeping domestic animals inside on Halloween. The organization also reminds pet owners to keep candy, especially chocolate, away from animals.

"Chocolate is especially dangerous because it contains theobromine, an ingredient which is toxic to cats and dogs," Chortyk says.

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