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Gymnasts off to a good start

Whistler's Erin Wilson gets a gold medal on beam and a bronze on bars



The Oros Whistler Gymnastics Club got off to a good start at the North Shore Invitational on Saturday, competing against the advanced teams from other Lower Mainland clubs.

In Provincial 1 Argo 2002-2003, Whistler's Erin Wilson was seventh all around with a gold medal on beam and a bronze on bars. Katie Faere was 10th all around, with a sixth place finish on beam. In the 2001 group, Jennifer Lafreniere was fifth all around, tying for first on beam, and placing fourth on vault and fifth on bars.

Hailey Jackson was seventh, tying for first on the beam and finishing fourth on bars and the floor. Emily Sargent was eighth, placing fifth on floor. Lauren Wentzel was ninth, placing eighth on beam and floor.

In Provincial 1 Tyro, Whistler's Cassia Jean and Leah Brownlie were second and third all around. Jean was first on vault and third on bars, beam and floor, while Brownlie was first on beam, third on vault and fourth on bars and floor. Charlie Jarratt was fifth with a silver medal on vault, and Nicole Boulanger was sixth with a fourth on beam.

In Provincial 2 Novice, Jessie Budge placed third all around with a gold on vault and silver medals on beam and floor. Ellie Krasny was fourth with bronze medals on vault and beam. Charlotte Mahoney was fifth, earning a bronze on the bars.

In Provincial 2 Tyro, Cayley Lamont placed seventh overall, tying for third on the vault. Hannah Peatfield was ninth, tying for fifth on the vault. Caitlin MacConachie was 10th with a sixth place finish on floor.

In Provincial 2 Argo, Whistler's Gabby Flynn was ninth all around, with a fifth place finish on floor. Gigi Krajc was 11th.

In Provincial 3 Novice, Keeley Wentzel was third all around, with a silver medal on bars and fourth place finishes on vault and beam. Carly Mann tied for first on vault, was first on beam and second on floor to place fourth all around.

Kat Kranjc was eighth in Provincial 3 Tyro, with a fourth place result on bars.

The previous weekend the Oros Whistler Gymnastics trampoline team headed to the Shasta Trampoline Club for their second meet of the season.

In Level B Double Mini Tramp, James Sambell and Archie Mahoney were fourth and sixth respectively. They also placed fourth and sixth in Level B Trampoline.

In Level C Trampoline, Adam Bell was seventh.

In the women's competition, Sydney Lowell-Schmidt was 22nd in Level C double mini tramp and 19th in trampoline, and Sarah Geddes was 23rd in mini tramp and 19th on trampoline.


The gymnastics club also recently received a $2,000 grant from Legacies Now to start a family open gym day. The drop-in program will open the gym club to everyone for several hours on the weekend.  Details will be posted in the next few weeks at



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