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Gymnastics club awards top tumblers


The Whistler Gymnastics Club honoured athletes at every level at their annual year end show at the high school Sunday, June 1, recognizing Most Improved, Most Sportsmanlike, and Hardest Worker for every age group and division.

"Our athletes did just awesome this year. We were competing against clubs and athletes that had full facilities and one or two more days a week of training time, and we did really well as a club," said Whistler Gymnastics program director Tami Ross.

"The awards are just a little extra recognition for the girls and boys who gave a little extra in training and were supportive of their teammates and competitors."

Hardest Worker:

Highfliers – Jessica Treagus

Sprites – Emily Dibble

Classics – Rachel Burt

Acronauts – Harrison Shrimpton

Rebounders – Lonnie Wake

Mini Rebounders – Samantha Shrimpton

Pre KIPS – Meghan Burko

Myriam’s Group – Rebecca Flynn

Catou’s Group – Hillary Carrell

Kerry’s Group – Jenny Higgins

Karins Group – Kristi Poole-Adler

Most Improved – Skill and Attitude

Highfliers – Mitchell Wilson

Sprites – Jacob Jazic

Classics – Katerina Suchy

Acronauts – Lexi Thind

Rebounders – Jocylen Kay, Chantel Milan

Mini Rebounders – Bianca Duval

Pre KIPS – Averi Willis

Myriam’s Group – Lenka Prochazka

Catou’s Group – Nicola Halliwell

Tami’s Group – Annik Tetrault

Kerry Group – Angelina Manuel

Most Sportsmanlike

Highfliers – Alex Gershon

Sprites – Ben Flynn

Classics – Alicia Longstaff

Acronauts – Dakota Denduyf

Rebounders – Meaghan Duggan

Mini Rebounders – Ellianne T.

Pre KIPS – Abbey Winter

Myriam’s Group – Emily Cankovic

Catou’s Group – Shannon MacDonald

Tami’s Group – Ashlen Coombs

Kerry’s Group – Holly Hetherington

Karin’s Group – Nicola Bennett

In addition to the athletes, the club recognized the efforts of parent volunteers.

Volunteer coach Beth Braidwood won the Hodi Award for volunteer of the year. She has helped out the club for four years, donating her wages towards funding athletes in the club’s summer camps.

Club registrar Susan Shrimpton was recognized for her efforts as well, helping to manage a list of 200 athletes.

Kay Pantages was the top volunteer fundraiser, organizing a club social at Hoz’s Pub, and selling chocolates, teddy bears and gym clothes to raiser money for the club.

The club also said good-bye to a pair of veteran coaches. Kerry McArthur is leaving Whistler Gymnastics after this season to attend a school for paramedics in Vancouver. Coach Myriam Benn, the organizer of the club’s year-end show, The Flipping Gym Show Goes to Hollywood, is also moving to the city.

Spots in the club summer camps are going fast, although there was still room at press time. The recreational camps take place from July 7 to 11, and from Aug. 5 to 8. The advanced recreational, pre-competitive and competitive camps take place from July 21 to 25, and Aug. 11 to 15. For more information or to register, call 604-902-FLIP (3547).