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Gymnastics club looking for permanent facility The Whistler Gymnastics Club has identified five potential sites for a permanent facility and has asked the municipality for assistance in transferring or leasing Crown land for the structure. The request has been referred to the Parks and Recreation Department. If a suitable site can be secured the club will begin a fund-raising campaign to build a structure along the lines of the Whistler Racquet and Golf Resort’s tennis bubble. The club intends that the building would be operated on a non-profit basis and its operation would be at no cost to the municipality. The club is investigating opportunities to partner with other recreation-based organizations such as the local ski clubs. It is also working with the Whistler Children’s Centre. The gymnastics club, a non-profit organization in operation since 1984, offers recreational and competitive gymnastics and athletic cross training programs for all ages. The club has grown to the point where it is unable to meet the demands of its members. A permanent gymnastics/freestyle training facility at Blackcomb was part of a proposal last year by Norwood Construction to develop land in Adventures West. That proposal was rejected after a public hearing showed little public support for the land development. The five sites identified by the club are: adjacent to the Municipal Works yard, adjacent to the Alpine Meadows fire hall, at Spruce Grove Park, at the Meadow Park Sports Centre, and adjacent to the highways maintenance facility.

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