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Group gathering to feast on raw food menu

First Supper event sold out with more events planned



Raw food is one of those phrases that conjure up thoughts of perpetual hunger and bizarre dishes that don't taste good for the average omnivore.

For trained raw food chef Sarah Uy the raw food vision is clear and the dishes taste good.

On Tuesday (March 20) she will deliver a raw food event that she is calling First Supper. With plans to put on more, this inaugural event is a celebration of the spring equinox, which just happens to fall at 1:14 a.m. on Tuesday.

Uy is teaming up with another raw food chef, Priscilla Levac, along with Jennie Small and Hayley Ingman of Earth Save Whistler to prepare a four-course raw food menu to a sold out crowd of 40 people.

The group will gather at the Burnt Stew Café in Function Junction to enjoy a cauliflower veloute, king oyster mushroom calamari and a main dish of living lasagna with an herb salad. For dessert the diners will be treated to tiramisu.

All the dishes, Uy reassures us, will be entirely plant based and mostly organic.

Uy went to culinary school in California three years ago and now she is specializing in raw food preparation. She says that in the last year she has really started focusing on raw food.

"I'm really excited, it is something I've really wanted to do since finishing school," says Uy.

She believes there's mystery shroud around raw food. A mystery that she feels is mainly just hype.

"It is really just simple and basic," Uy says. "There's a lot of hype around it but that is just because people aren't familiar with what it is about."

She wants people to see that it is possible to have a nutrient-dense plant-based meal and feel full while having the taste buds thrilled.

"It's not boring, it can be really exciting and something you can incorporate into your life if you wanted," says Uy.

According to Uy, the raw food she cooks is never heated above 115 degrees and cooking this way leaves most of the enzymes in the food. She's striving to mimic foods people are used to eating using plant-based ingredients.

The dinner on March 20 is an extension of other work Uy is doing. She offers raw food classes for people who are interested. The classes are delivered through Whistler Community Services.

Uy says she and her First Supper partners aren't out to convert people to raw food but to offer insight into what's possible.

"They want to show people resources and groups," she says.

While the event this month is sold out Uy says anyone who didn't hear about this one soon enough to get a reservation can send her an e-mail message to get into the next one. Simply send a note to to get on the reservation list.

Close call for Top Chef

Jimmy Stewart cut it a little fine on the debut episode of Top Chef Canada this week.

The Bearfoot Bistro Sous Chef was working Monday night and on "his" night the Bearfoot works him extra hard as all the restaurant customers watch Top Chef Canada while he weaves his magic with the rest of the kitchen staff at the bistro.

Stewart and 15 other chefs from across the country participating on the TV show competed in two challenges. The first was a surprise challenge during a time when most of the stars of the show thought they were all gathered for a social mixer.

Our boy, who happens to be the youngest star on the show at the tender age of 23, was suspicious from the start so he said he was ready to go when ten minutes into the social gathering the group was told the game was on.

Those watching the show saw Stewart cruise easily through that first challenge.

The story was different for the second challenge. Stewart's dish, a play on tuna casserole, landed him in the bottom four and facing elimination.

"I knew I wasn't going to be called," Stewart says Tuesday morning during a debriefing of the episode.

He saw the dish prepared by Will Thompson of Ontario and knew there was no way Thompson's dish was better.

Stewart survives for another week and Thompson's departure drops the cast down to 15 for next week's episode.

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