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Greyhound schedules changed



Greyhound bus schedules between Vancouver and Whistler have changed.

As of Feb. 10, the company reduced its schedules between the two destinations from 12 daily schedules to eight.

There are now four daily inbound schedules from Vancouver to Whistler and four daily outbound from Whistler to Vancouver.

"We regularly review our schedules and make adjustments based on demand," a Greyhound spokesperson explained in an email.

"The days immediately following the schedule changes, Greyhound ticket agents personally contacted customers who travel along that route to inform them of the changes. An announcement was also made through the agency network bulletin and we included the information on our website."

After reevaluating the changes, Greyhound decided to reestablish its 6:30 a.m. schedule from Vancouver to Whistler on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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