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Work on two display homes has been temporarily halted and the new council still hasn’t given the project fourth reading but Greenside Properties hopes to be able to offer lots for sale in its Spruce Grove development in February. David Ehrhardt of Greenside said this week work on the two pre-fabricated display houses being assembled on the former Whistler Kampground lands was halted because permits still haven’t been issued. "We were under the understanding permits would be issued. They haven’t been, so we stopped working," Ehrhardt said. "We had an informal understanding we could go ahead, but we can’t yet. We’ve made applications for the permits and we hope to have them soon." While the building permits are the latest in a series of setbacks the Spruce Grove project has faced over the last six years, they are a temporary hurdle. What may prove more difficult to achieve is approval from the new Whistler council. The project received third reading from the previous council, just before last November’s municipal election. Fourth reading, or adoption, is usually just a formality but because the new council hasn’t been privy to all the background and various incarnations the Greenside project has been through over the last six years a special information session is to be held prior to fourth reading. Moreover, some members of the new council are believed to oppose the present Spruce Grove plan by Greenside. For their part, Ehrhardt says Greenside will have all its paperwork completed and in to the municipality this month and hopes to be able to offer the first phase of the 69 lots for sale in February. One-third of the lots will initially be offered to Whistler residents only. Depending on how sales go, Ehrhardt says he expects the second phase of lots will be offered later in 1997.