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greatest snow

In what could be a major marketing boost, Utah’s claim to "the greatest snow on earth" has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court. The highest court in the land recently rejected an appeal filed by Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily Circus that Utah’s "greatest snow on earth" slogan dilutes the circus’s "Greatest Show on Earth" trademark. Utah has used the "greatest snow on earth" trademark since the 1960s but Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily filed a suit against the state in 1996, shortly after Congress enacted the Federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995. The circus lost. The Supreme Court recently upheld the earlier ruling but did not comment on the case. P.T. Barnum's circus held the ``Greatest Show'' trademark since 1872, long before it merged with the Ringling Circus in 1919. The circus' appeal was supported in a friend-of-the-court brief submitted by companies holding famous trademarks, including Revlon, John Deere, Listerine, Harley-Davidson, Newsweek, Tide, Disney and Bank of America.

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