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Gravity series cancelled


Whistler Gravity Series organizer Paul Fournier pulled the plug on his mountain bike series last week, when it looked like he would have to cancel the second of three events.

"Due to circumstances beyond my control, I elected to cancel the whole series rather than face another cancellation," he said.

While he wouldn’t go into the details, he said that "other parties" had not honoured their commitments to the series. "There were too many last minute issues," he said.

Last year Fournier organized a successful three-event downhill series, providing local downhillers with an opportunity to race the same way that WORCA provides cross-country cyclists an opportunity to compete in Loonie Races.

This year Fournier was hosting a seven-event series with an Uphill-Downhill race, two bikercross events, two downhill events and a jumping competition. The Uphill-Downhill was delayed due to the rain, and it was going to be merged with a downhill event on July 2, before the series was cancelled.

As a result, only one of the bikercross events was held.