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Gordon McKeever

‘It’s past due time for action’


Name: Gordon McKeever

Age:  51

Website: www.GordonMcKeever.ca/A>

Occupation: Owner/operator of a small property management & rental business — Rainbow Retreats.

Last book read:  Unfortunately, I’ve had little time for recreational reading the past three years. I read a lot, but it is mostly reports and meeting packages now. I read newsmagazines like Maclean’s & the Economist to catch up with the rest of the world a bit.

What music are you listening too these days: My taste is pretty broad and I have a large collection of music. The last four CDs I bought are; Black Eyed Peas — Monkey Business, Zucchero & Co., Rob Thomas — Something To Be & Bob Dylan — No Direction Home.

Favourite recreational pursuits: I enjoy the woods. Whether it’s hiking, biking, snow shoeing or cross country touring, I get recharged spending time by myself in a natural setting.

1. Why are you running for council?

A latent streak of masochism I was previously unaware of.

2. What are the biggest issues facing Whistler?

Our economy, resident affordability and a need for more and better community engagement would be the top three.

3. What needs to be done to address those issues?

Economy — Many of the factors affecting our economy are beyond our control, such as; negative trends in travel and tourism, the growth of our competitors both in number and in quality of offerings, the rising U.S. exchange rate, the growing "Fortress USA" attitude of many of our neighbours to the south, the rising cost of fuel, global warming, etc. It will take the whole community pulling together to offset these trends. The CSP represents the first time we have gathered the various sectors of our community to strategize in a comprehensive manner.

We need to diversify our recreational offerings, both to increase the satisfaction of existing customers and, especially, to draw new customers. We need to further diversify our economy in ways that are compatible with the existing resort infrastructure. We have a serious problem of over-capacity. We have more than enough hotels, shops, bars & restaurants. We don’t have enough customers.

We need to increase the efficiency of our efforts to produce better results. The Economic Agency Role Review was a good first step, reviewing the various roles, looking for gaps and overlaps. Understanding who is best suited to which tasks should allow all of us to focus and deliver on our strengths.

The Welcome Strategy highlights the need to improve our service. Better communication with our guests and better training in our businesses are essential.