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Gord McKeever


Campaign slogan: It’s all about balance.

Occupation: Owner/operator of Rainbow Retreats property management company

Volunteerism: Chairman of Whistler Creek Merchant’s Association, co-chair of the libarary/museum capital campaign’s local community fundraising committee, Rotary Club

Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking

Hobbies: Cross-country touring, snowshoeing, canoeing and kayaking.

Web site:

Last book read: Call of the Wild by Jack London (to daughter)

Why are you running for council?

The existing mayor and council have done more right than wrong for the past six years, but there are signs that they are losing touch. The need now is for fresh input and fresh perspectives, not revolutionary change.

One of my concerns is the increasing dominance of big business and international corporations in our community. Local enterprise is the basis of our success and it’s being marginalized and threatened.

Referencing the sustainability concept, a balanced position requires all three elements to be in balance – environmental, economic and social. Local enterprise, small enterprise, these are part of the social and economic elements of our community.

The biggest issues are affordability, which is the biggest challenge facing our community; effective implementation of the sustainability concept – I’m looking forward to seeing concrete programs and deliverable results – and economic diversity. On my Web site I expand quite a bit on affordability, sustainability, my own position in the sustainable concept, and economic diversity, as well as issues like transportation and the highway, the Olympics, the train, the community plan and the bed cap, and the Sea to Sky Trail.

What are the major accomplishments/failures of council since the last election?

On a lot of the big picture items, I like the concept of the sustainability initiative. I’m not saying it’s well directed to date, but then it’s a new idea; there’s no manual for this.

I like the role they’ve defined for us in the 2010 Olympic Bid. The exercise of defining our place was well done.

On the other side of the coin, in recent years we’ve seen the increasing dominance of big business and international corporations in our town. Historically, success is based on independent local enterprise and a broad base of stakeholders, and the balance has been seriously affected – that needs addressing.

Another accomplishment… is the steps that have been taken in affordable housing. I shudder to think what this place might look like if they hadn’t done as much as they have.

There are still niches that have been overlooked in terms of economical seasonal housing. We have an urgent need for beds in the hundreds. In the long term, we need beds in the thousands.