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Good read for Groms



Two local women have teamed up to pen an alphabet books with a special twist for Whistler tots.

Tracy Higgs and Christine Seleki have just released “The Alphabet Goes to Ski and Snowboard School.”

“It’s obviously an alphabet book, and all of the letters of the alphabet are characters in the book, and each page is dedicated to that letter,” Higgs explained. “So, for example, A would be ‘A awoke early to ask the ski patrol about today’s avalanche conditions.’”

They’ve tried to use words that start with each letter as much as possible.

“I tried to incorporate all of the different ideas and themes that you’d want to remember from your ski days,” she said.

Whisky Jack, tobogganing, hot cocoa, nachos and more are mentioned in the text.

“It’s not Whistler-specific, but definitely those are my memories of Whistler, so those are the kind of things I included. But it’s definitely a mountainy, winter theme.”

Aside from the mountain culture storyline, there’s also an interactive aspect to each page, with readers asked to identify items on the page that start with the specific letters.

They began selling the book at Bizarre Bazaar last weekend, where they received great feedback, and it is also available at Armchair Books.

Higgs is also doing public readings on Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 4:30 p.m. and Thursday, Dec. 11 at 10:30 a.m. at the Whistler Public Library.