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Good Life; Good Death — Part I



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It all brings to mind the "going home" sequence in the film Soylent Green, where people tired of living in the future dystopia could opt for a comfortable suicide, surrounded by IMAX-like images and the soothing strains of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Grieg.

Even the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, who brought the case overturning part of the federal law against assisted suicide and who is handling the appeal against the government is hesitant to embrace Ms. Goodman's position. Grace Pastine, the lawyer handling the case, is reported as saying while it raises interesting questions, the BCCLA doesn't have a legal position or opinion on it.

So, is it crazy for a healthy old person to want to die before they spiral into dependence and, in their own mind, degradation?

Is it morally wrong?

If I'm not lucky enough to leave that unpaid bar bill at Dusty's, it seems neither crazy nor immoral to me. And I think it deserves another week of my time and space.