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Goldfish spotted in River of Golden Dreams

For the second time this season the RMOW is scrambling to deal with reports of foreign fish species in local waterways.


In May the municipality brought in a provincial fisheries expert to remove several different ages of goldfish that someone had introduced into Millar’s Pond.

Last week the municipality received a report from Adventures West that goldfish were spotted in the River of Golden Dreams near the outflow of Alta Lake. Local fish and wildlife technicians are investigating the report, and are asking everyone to keep their eyes out – once the fish become established they are difficult to control. In addition they can have an impact on the local ecosystem by outcompeting native species for food while altering the environment to better suit their species.

"I am concerned because the lake at that end would be optimal habitat for them and they would be incredibly difficult to control," said Vernoica Woodruff, fish and wildlife technician for the RMOW.

The lone fish that was spotted near Adventures West was approximately five or six inches long. It is also important to know whether the fish is of the goldfish species, which grow up to 14 inches long, or koi, a species of carp which can grow up to 30 inches – and can do a lot more damage.

Although it was considered unlikely that koi and goldfish could adapt to the local environment, the goldfish that were pulled out of Millar’s Pond were of several different age groups and could have been there for years.

If you see anything, or have any knowledge of the foreign species in the lakes and rivers, contact the RMOW fish and wildlife department at 604-935-8323 or

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