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No charges in River of Golden Dreams Muddying An electrical failure on two pumps probably led to increased siltation levels in the River of Golden Dreams Aug. 4. A water main was being installed to hook the Nicklaus North Golf Course up with the Meadow Park Recreation Centre at the time. Squamish Conservation officers, under the direction of the Ministry of Environment, have concluded their investigation into the incident. Dams erected to divert water flows around the work area were breached when the pumps failed, which led to five hours of increased siltation levels in the River of Golden Dreams. "What I have concluded is all the procedures that were followed were in compliance with the permit," says Conservation Officer Dan LeGrandeur. LeGrandeur says he took photos of the site, conducted an investigation into the precautions taken to divert water flows and found "no evidence of dead fish" in the area, just off Highway 99 between Meadow Park and Green Lake. A new barrier has been erected to insure siltation levels do not increase in the river. He says without evidence like water samples taken at the time the work was going on it will be difficult to determine what effects, if any, the increased siltation levels will have on the river. Because the work was taking place very close to Green Lake "most of the silt probably fanned out into the lake and disappeared," he says. "Because of the scope of the precautions taken and the inability to predict the electrical failure, my portion of the investigation has concluded and no charges will be recommended," he says. The information will be passed on to the Ministry of Environment.

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