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Messages from afar Whistler a ‘pissant municipality,’ says writer It’s a long, cold and lonely winter up there in Gold Bridge. Lots of time on your hands... to write irate letters to the mayor and council here in Whistler. John Courchesne of Gold Bridge felt an urge to do his elegant best to tell Whistler’s elected seven a thing or two, and did it with gusto. The reason for his outrage was a letter from the municipality to Greg Richmond of the Soo Coalition for Sustainable Forests regarding Lillooet’s land resource management plan, in which the municipality writes: "The Resort Municipality of Whistler supports the Provincial Government’s position to allow outside environmental groups to participate in the Lillooet LRMP. In many small resource towns in the province there is either an absence of environmental groups, or those that exist have insufficient experience or resources to effectively counter the influence of well funded commercial interests." Here is Courchesne’s response: "Dear Mayor and Council "I have just finished reading your response to Greg Richmond of the Soo Coalition in regards to the Lillooet LRMP. "Needless to say, I find your response and attitude to be quite asinine. In an era of resource dependent communities trying to garner an alliance with the tourism industry, your obtuse reasoning sets back these efforts exponentially. "If you boneheads got out of your overpriced condos and town, and actually knew who was sitting on the Lillooet District Community Resources Board, you would find no one who could be called a ‘well funded commercial interest’. All that your rhetoric in your third paragraph does is foster more hard feeling between us rural people and you goddamned urbanites. "In case you have forgotten, it was the taxes created from us small resource communities that funded the creation of your hedonistic resort. "In closing, I would like to say that I will never spend another penny in your pissant municipality and will spend the rest of my life encouraging others to do the same." Whistler councillor Ted Milner wants to know what "pissant" means.

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