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Going Royal

Toulouse Spence and the heirs apparent



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Still, I can't help asking him what he thinks of the place now. "We're probably overbuilt," he says. "But otherwise, Whistler is adapting well to the changing times. As for living in this place — it was the mountains, the snow and the terrain that brought me here. But it was the people who kept me here." He sighs. "I could do with a warmer climate sometimes, sure. But Whistler's come such a long way.... "

And then he leaves me with an intriguing image: "When I look back, you know, and try to assess our role in the early years... well, to me, it's kinda like the grain of sand that gets in the oyster and creates a beautiful pearl. We were that grain of sand." He pauses to let the idea sink in. "Know what I mean? There was an atmosphere of fun here in those early years that still resonates with a lot of people. I think that's what made this place go. We wanted to share our fun with the world." A final chuckle — Heh. Heh. Heh. "And our great skiing of course..."