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Gob comes calling

B.C.-based punk rockers return to Whistler with material from latest album, Muertos Vivos



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“Tom is really hard on himself with writing lyrics and stuff. He really challenges himself and he tries to get the best out of a song,” Goutzinakis explained. He added that the messages in their music aren’t always overt.

Despite their image, these musicians actually are conscious citizens — there are even a few vegans/vegetarians in their ranks.

“There are some songs, like ‘We’re All Dying,’ that are obviously kind of political,” Goutzinakis pointed out. “Everyone — black, white, Chinese, Indonesian, whatever the hell you are — we both get fucking killed the same, regardless. We’re all part of one race, the human race.”

Check out some of Gob’s latest material at their Whistler performance this weekend, and keep an eye out for the release of their latest music video for their third single off Muertos Vivos entitled “Banshee.”