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Go Freek get their Whistler freak on

Russlan Eposs and Caleb Crinis perform at Moe Joe's on Tuesday, June 28



Woolangong DJs Go Freek are embarking on their biggest-ever tour of North America and Go Freeker Russlan Eposs is sitting in the airport lounge in Sydney and is pretty excited.

"We're growing our fan base there," he says over the phone.

"America could be our biggest place at the moment. We have the right people pushing us. We're hoping that America takes over as our main market."

Right, so does everything get a bit strategic when you're Australian DJs building your profiles in the world of electronic dance music?

"Oh yeah, yeah. Everything is super planned out. Back when we started, you could write a song and then put it out the next week," Eposs says.

"Now we've planned six months ahead, each song. It's been a totally positive thing. Before, when we put music out it was super disposable. When you put the effort into a release and make it a big thing, build the promotion around it, it can go a bit further."

Together since 2012, Eposs and Caleb Crinis's biggest North American break to date is having their music used in the 2015 Zac Efron film We Are Your Friends, a story about an aspiring DJ.

Go Freek performs at Moe Joe's — their first-ever Whistler show — on Tuesday, June 28, at 9:30 p.m.

There is a new single out almost in time for the gig called "Call Out."

The guys are also working on a new EP.

"We'll release it a few months after 'Call Out,' towards the end of the year. We want the new single to run out a bit first, it's our best song to date. We want to push it as hard as possible," Eposs says.

The single combines the style Go Freek prefers, though Eposs says it has kept its commercial edge.

"We still want to stay true to our tastes. It's very important to us; we'd never sell out and make a film that we're not 100 per cent into," he says.

"We hope we are bringing something to Whistler that people will enjoy. I think our music is super accessible. It always does wonders."

There are no European tours on the cards later this year. Go Freek are concentrating on this continent.

"As far as an endgame goes, we just want to keep doing it," Eposs says. We want to make sure we stay inspired and travel a lot, try to go to as many new places as possible and draw inspiration from all of them. Nothing can go wrong if we're doing that — we're discovering new places and ideas.

He laughs and adds:

"Europe is something we want to conquer down the line!"