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New events group pumps up Whistler party scene



By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: StoneBridge

When: Wednesday, Nov. 8

Where: Savage Beagle

Tickets: $15

StoneBridge of Hed Kandi is the first of many new shows coming to Whistler for the 2006-07 season at the initiative of a newly formed, locally driven event management company called We Have Arrived.

Other big-name acts to look forward to include Paul Oakenfold (Madonna remixes), DJ Sneak, Moka Only, Pete Tong, 3 Inches of Blood, Benny Bennassi, Prodigy, DJ Mini, Eyez Cream and even Boy George, just to name a few.

“It’s like Metallica coming to play at Garfinkel’s,” said We Have Arrived ringmaster Michael Hofbauer of the size of the acts coming to town. “They’ve all heard about Whistler because of their contacts with Roy (Burdette) and the Olympics. There is a little bit of a buzz about Whistler. Everyone is curious.”

Hofbauer has watched Whistler’s party scene grow over his four years of co-owning Garfinkel’s and the Savage Beagle. With an increasing demand for parties beyond booze and bootie shaking, Hofbauer saw a need to ante-up the party scene to make ready for global eyes in 2010. As a result, We Have Arrived members will bring in names usually associated with parties and crowds in the thousands for intimate shows of a few hundred people right here in Whistler.

“I traveled to Ibiza, Europe and Vegas, and I saw all these parties being done on a grand scale,” Hofbauer said. “People are starting to expect more out of a party.”

To head up the team, Hofbauer recruited the talents and contacts of promoter Roy Burdette who markets one of the biggest club nights in the world, Manumission at Privilege in Ibiza, Spain — party capital of the world. Every Friday Manumission hosts upwards of 10,000 dance music revelers. After four years in Ibiza, Burdette is ready to turn his attentions to the mountains and bring in fresh world-class turntable talent to Whistler.

Hip hop is also on the radar. Hofbauer is negotiating with Craig McMillan, former Frontline Productions producer, to infuse the nightclub scene with hip-hop antics. Although he is currently managing Classifieds’ national tour from Toronto, McMillan’s shows are well known around Whistler, including last year’s Wu Tang Clan and Mike Relm sellouts.

Lindsay Shedden’s Punk Night will return full force under the new team, bringing the former Boot Pub night home to Garfinkel’s. Mobile and 3 Inches of Blood are only a few of the acts to look forward to.

Both Garfinkel’s and Savage Beagle management will fill in the gaps with Heineken Music sponsoring the shows.

StoneBridge kicks off the new adventure Wednesday, Nov. 8 at the Savage Beagle.

Credits for the internationally acclaimed U.K. DJ include the likes of Missy Elliott and Texas as well as production with Hed Kandi. Put Em High and Take Me Away from the 2004 album Can’t Get Enough put StoneBridge’s talents on the global radar. His sexy, pumping house has secured him several international residences, including The Cross in London and Family in Brisbane. The Flavour The Vibe was his most recent mix album, released this past summer. He also hosts a two-hour mix show for Sirius Satellite in the U.S.

The first 100 tickets are $15 and are available at Electric Daisy.

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