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Global domination in the works



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Not many Canadian bands take the initiative to venture past Europe. Planet Smashers weren’t content with that, so they up and sealed a deal to open for Australia’s legendary Midnight Oil. And if that weren’t enough, the jet-setters will continue to Japan. Japan?

"We’ve never been to Japan, but I’ve heard a lot of stories from bands that have been there," laughs Kurt.

Obviously interesting stories since he fails to elaborate. Good parties aside, The Smashers must also anticipate some amount of success if they’re going to risk such a long – and expensive – journey.

"We do have some good offers over there with the new record," Matt says.

Any last words of warning or insight into the party strategy as The Planet Smashers set to invade West Coast Canada?

"No," laughs Matt, "I’m just working on getting rid of this hangover!"

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