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The most tangible souvenir of the season might be a gift that's completely invisible - a story



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Storyteller Mitchell Scott offers an alternative. "The most tangible thing we can do is have stories," he says.

When we walk away from a powder day, a love affair, a journey, with a story, we don’t feel empty-handed. If we can spend the whole winter telling stories, we go more eagerly into the cave. When we gather around the body of a loved one and share stories about their life, the loss is easier to bear, the stories somehow pad the sharp edge of desolation.

And the chance to share stories, on a chairlift, in the bar, kicking back with a magazine, or scrolling through an on-line forum, about our quest for the perfect line, might really be about our collective fumblings towards the divine. Might, in fact, be our only hope.