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Giving tourists the eyeball

A new fast lane from Canada to the U.S. that uses iris scans to verify identities is getting a trial run at the Vancouver International Airport this fall.


Individuals who are pre-approved and submit to an iris scan will be able to bypass the lineups and head straight to an area where a scan can be completed in seconds.

There is a one-time fee of $80, and applicants will be interviewed and checked by law enforcement officers on both sides of the border. Applicants will also be fingerprinted and photographed.

The announcement comes days after the U.S. announced plans to fingerprint and face scan all visitors to the U.S., excluding Canadian residents and permanent residents, at 115 airports. The new rules will be applied at 17 border crossings by 2005, including the Peace Arch, Pacific Highway, Aldergrove and Abbotsford crossings.