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Give the sweetest gift of all this Valentine's Day

Plenty of locally made treats on offer this weekend



If the way to the heart is through the stomach, then you can understand why chocolate has become emblematic of the most romantic day of the year. Sure, Whistler offers plenty of other ways to fan the flames of love on Valentine's Day: a breathtaking trip on the Peak 2 Peak, say, or a decadent dinner for two in one of the resort's acclaimed restaurants. But the art of sweet seduction begins and ends with chocolate, and fortunately the resort has plenty of succulent, locally made options to satisfy the sweet tooth in your life.

Chocohappy's Limited-Edition Passionate Truffle Cone

For Whistler chocolatier Amanda Sandahl, love is about passion.

"Valentine's Day is about love and love is passion, so passionfruit immediately comes to mind," she explained.

This was the genesis for her limited-edition passionfruit truffles, which you can pick up until Valentine's Day in a paper cone.

Like any good love potion, however, the recipe took time to perfect.

"At first I tried pairing the passionfruit with caramel, but I was missing the depth of the dark truffle, so I thought I would pair the two, which made this magic combination," Sandahl said.

The cone was specially designed by local artist Julie Hamilton and features floral, heart-shaped patterns inscribed with musings on love. Chochohappy sells a range of handmade chocolates in paper cones, all for $17, available at or in Whistler at 3 Singing Birds, Blackcomb Liquor Store, 122 West, Olives and Nook of the North.

Sugar Momma Pastries

Sabrina Perfitt is Whistler's undisputed Queen of Baking and a good person to know when you're looking for a custom-made treat that will set the heart aflutter.

Her Sugar Momma Pastries will be at the Westin this Saturday for the Made In Whistler Winter Market just in time for all you procrastinators looking for some last-minute gifts in time for Valentine's Day.

"(I'll have) all sorts of Valentine-related goodies," she wrote in an email. "Pretty packages of sugar cookies, French macarons, cupcakes and a small selection of mini (two-person) cakes."

Check out the Sugar Momma Pastries' Facebook page for photos and updates.

Grimms Deli's Fresh Fruit Arrangements

Flowers die. And, more importantly, you can't eat (most of) them. So if your significant other is the type of partner who appreciates a sweet treat as much as a sweeping romantic gesture, Grimms Gourmet & Deli has got you covered.

The Pemberton deli recently began offering edible fruit arrangements that look just as stunning as a bouquet of roses and taste infinitely better.

Grimms gets its fruit delivered fresh daily and can make one of 172 (!!) arrangements to suit your tastes. "Generally we're using strawberries, canteloupe, melons, apples and oranges, we're dipping fruits in chocolate," said deli owner Mark Mendonca. "It's a natural, nutritional option. Give the gift that they can eat."

Mendonca recommends getting your order in as soon as possible as he expects to be fully booked up by Saturday. The arrangements include a vase and start at $40. They can be delivered anywhere in Whistler or Pemberton for $15. Contact Grimms directly by calling 604-894-5303 or emailing to place your order. You can also check out to see the different options.

For the Love of Chocolate

For the chocoholic who wants to maintain some semblance of health, a free raw cacao workshop at Nesters this Thursday is another great V-Day gift idea. Led by holistic nutritionist Kailey Seabrooke, For the Love of Chocolate will teach you how to incorporate what the Incas called "the food of gods" into your diet without guilt. "There's a big difference between conventional chocolate you get in a Mars bar and raw cacao products," explained Seabrooke. Not only is raw chocolate high in anti-oxidants, magnesium and collagen, but its affect on neurotransmitters is what has gained it its reputation as an aphrodisiac.

"It makes us feel euphoric, which is probably why it's so popular around Valentine's Day," Seabrooke said.

Attendees will get to sample some raw cacao products, like Seabrooke's own hot chocolate elixir, and learn how to make healthy, scrumptious chocolate at home with just a handful of ingredients.

"There are so many things you can put into your chocolate to make it fit your personal flavours and health needs," she added.

The workshop is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. at Nesters. No registration required.