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girls robbed

A 15 year-old girl and her 14 year-old friend were robbed and thrown out of a car by two males last weekend. The two under-aged girls had got into a bar in Whistler Village using fake ID and proceeded to drink. Cpl. Mike Shannon of the Whistler RCMP said the girls left the bar in the early hours of the morning and while hitch-hiking accepted a ride from two males driving a dark vehicle. When the driver failed to take the first turnoff to the girl’s street the occupants became panicked. The driver stopped at the next street, grabbed one of their bags and the girls were then thrown out of the vehicle by one of the men. "The girls are lucky to be left just having personal items stolen," said Shannon. "I think the message here is to not accept rides from strangers, and of course we have some serious concerns when a 14 year-old is drinking in a bar. We will definitely be focusing more on under-age drinkers." RCMP are considering penalizing the bar where the girls were drinking under the liquor control licensing act. Shannon says it’s the responsibility of individual establishments to refuse service to under-age patrons.

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