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Giant Love Cup goes

Restaurant-themed race



The ability to ski/snowboard all day and work nights is the Whistler dream, and why so many of our top powder people are waiters, prep cooks, chefs, dishwashers, or otherwise employed in the restaurant industry.

That level of talent came out last weekend for the Giant Love Cup, a restaurant themed race with two parts – the three-person team race, where all competitors made two runs on a dual giant slalom course, and the Thrilla on the Hilla, where the top-16 finishers from the team race competed in a head-to-head races. In addition to bragging rights, the winner gets to put the runner-up to work in their restaurant for a night in whatever capacity they choose.

Team Ski Race

1. 2 Smokin Chefs and 1 Token Waitress – 48.93 seconds

Tom Sharron, Jamie MacGee, Angela Shoniker and Coach Tracey Ford

2. Trattoria Rockets – 49.76

Tyler West, Walter Walgram, Sophia Lofstrom

3. Waiter Tell the Chef My Snapper Is Delicious – 49.93

Stephan Vagelatos, Chad Hendren, Sue Clark and Coach Alex Fitzpatrick

Team Snowboard Race

1. Araxi Dark Rage – 1:02.11

Paul Carrier, Anton Fruehwirth and Tova Johnson

2. Longhorn Love – 1:03.33

Aaron "Peanut" Johnson, Andrew Saddington and Ali Maher

3. Rimrock Boarders – 1:05.79

Steve Maille, Jason Murph and Rory Marck

Team Mixed Race

1. The Ill Pills From Monk’s Grill – 53.19

Chris Mink, Catherine Laliberte, Geoff Mott

2. The Dumbonators – 1:01.53

Feet Banks, Pilar Peterson, Hamish Yoshida and Coach Mark Bribbon

3. Mangina – 1:02.45

Dylan Hansen, Jamie Sprage, Peter Jenney

Thrilla on the Hilla Results

1. Tyler West

2. Chad Hendren

3. Chris Mink

4. Mike Varrin

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