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Gettin’ some Action at the Boot

With their driving funk rock, irrepressible front man and Penthouse Letters lyrics local band Slow Nerve Action is everyone’s guilty pleasure.



Who: Slow Nerve Action

Where: Boot Pub

When: Monday, Aug. 9

Let’s rephrase that. Lose the "guilty." There’s only pleasure at a Slow Nerve show. That is unless the combination of bar concoctions and the mood inspires you to join lead singer/mc Chris Berry in his increasing levels of nudity as the night progresses.

It’s not unprecedented; it’s pretty much expected.

Of course, Slow Nerve is no gimmick band. The boys – Josh Gontier on guitar and vocals, Benson on bass, Mikey Lunt on drums, and DJ buddha on the decks – can really play. Unlike one hit wonders like Gerardo, who had to doff his shirt to get people to listen to his mariachi-rap track Rico Suave, Berry’s propensity for nudity is more a side effect of his enthusiasm and notable skills on the mic.

That’s why the record skips at Berry’s statement that the next Slow Nerve album, currently under construction, is going to be "more mature."

Say it isn’t so, Chris!

Of course, he’s just toying with us. He means "more mature" in the way of production. The band’s groovy debut, The Soap of Beautiful Women, was put together in mere days. The follow up is proving to be a more carefully tuned effort.

But never fear, there’s still going to be plenty of that good old Slow Nerve Action. New tracks deal with a tickle trunk full of delights, a sexy sister and Milkman Dan, a transvestite milk delivery person.

And as for new outfits, or lack thereof, the front man is less forthright.

"I can’t divulge that information," he says with a sly chuckle, leaving me now locked into the infernal struggle to keep my mind out of the gutter.

Damn you Slow Nerve Action!

If you want to see what Chris Berry is wearing come by the Boot Pub on Monday night. For more information call 604-932-3338.