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Zeuski’s goes Mediterranean



Greece joins the Spanish, Italian and French

If you’ve pulled up a patio chair at Zeuski’s lately you may have spotted a few slight changes.

First of all, Zeus is gone. Not the name, but the logo. For almost 10 years the sign out the front has depicted a cartoon of a Greek-looking man – presumably the famous God Zeus – popping olives into his mouth. But now Zeus is no more.

In his place is a flourishing olive branch, with 10 olives for every year that Zeuski’s has been in business. Gone also is the blue and white familiar Greek colour codes, replaced instead with burgundy and olive green.

These changes may seem subtle but they represent some bold menu movements and room renovations in the popular Town Plaza restaurant.

"The sign represents all the enhancements we’ve made," said general manager, Mike Park. "In any good restaurant evolution is inevitable. You need to keep up with food trends and Greek these days seems a little dated in comparison to other Mediterranean dishes. It’ll come back into vogue again but it made sense to offer dishes from other areas in the region to suit a broader clientele."

Owner-operator John Grills added: "Greek is a good solid ethnic food that’s had a long history in Canada. When people talk about their favourite holidays, it’s generally Greece that gets a mention. It’s a good price point and a casual choice for diners so I don’t think it will ever totally be out of favour. But it’s definitely not as popular as other foods right now. I think with the Olympics in Greece next year, it’ll rise to the top again but the reality is if six people want to go out for dinner and one of them doesn’t want Greek, they won’t come. Now if they know we are Mediterranean, the ones who don’t want Greek can have Spanish, French or Italian. It gives them more choice and us more patronage."

Zeuski’s has been tinkering with the Mediterranean idea for the last 12 months, introducing small steps along the way. From slipping in some daily menu specials for trial, through to an internal paint job and new wine cellar, the management and staff have been busy with the overhaul. The work is not done yet though – a complete redesign of the lighting is in the works too.

Existing head chef Peter Langtry (who is soon to be replaced by the Fairmont Chateau’s Wes Owens), has been experimenting with the Mediterranean menu and you can expect a whole new slew of selections permanently in place by fall.