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Skrypcizajco believes that choosing to buy local organic food each day is a simple way to make a difference and continually vote for what you believe in.

"We eat three times a day and that shapes our lives and affects all those involved in producing that food."

In Whistler, we are near enough to farmland and organic growers that a wide variety of locally produced organic food is readily available through the summer months at the weekly Farmer’s Market.

At least 50 per cent of the available produce is certified organic and the opportunity is there to talk to the farmers about how they operate their businesses. The market is located in Whistler’s Upper Village, and is held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Sunday until Labour Day.

"The Organic Way" lists restaurants and cafes that use organic products in their menus. In Whistler, that list combines fine dining and casual dining experiences.

Chef Bernard’s has the highest content of organic produce on it’s menu at 60 per cent.

"It has developed a reputation for serving fresh "farm gate" cuisine with unique preservations. Often mentioned as a culinary landmark, Bernard attributes This success to that of his strong belief in supporting the local farming community."

Araxi has an organic food content of 45 per cent. "Its internationally acclaimed cuisine features the best of the Pacific North West with organic ingredients sourced from local farms and fisheries."

Ingrid’s "…is a Whistler landmark. For 15 years, locals and tourist have flocked to the café for its variety of veggie burgers, European-style schnitzel sandwiches, hearty soups and healthy salads."

The Bearfoot Bistro "designs their menu around what local organic growers and foragers are bringing in, the wild fish and game in season. ‘We use organic food as much as possible because we believe that organic food complete with it’s dirt, worms, flavour and politics, is the real food’."