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Cosgrove believes every Irish visitor to Whistler comes to the Dubh Linn Gate, and many Americans too.

"They love their themed bars," he said.

I look around and admire the décor. While it is indeed themed, it’s actually the complete replica of an actual Irish bar in Dublin.

"Everything you see, except the chandeliers, has been imported from Ireland. The tables, chairs, clocks, pictures, wallpaper, everything."

That’s pretty impressive but important, to give the bar a real authentic feel – that’s of course it you don’t look out the window at the gondola whizzing around.

The Dubh Linn Gate’s fifth anniversary party is a two-day affair, Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10. The bar will go back to day one – 1998s prices – for the event and they’ll introduce the new two-for-one menu. Unlimited breakfasts will be served until 3 p.m. and there’ll be live music from Guitar Doug and Kyla plus the Bowen Boys/Black Water band. Phone 604-905-4047 for reservations.